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Google Caffeine: Faster Indexing Rate, Better Results


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Caffeine is the new search innovation introduced by Google. The concept behind Google Caffeine is to index sites at much faster rate, since previously indexing rate was too prolonged almost around 2-4 months. After years of extensive work on algorithm, crawling speed has increased for each website page and became capable of setting immediate parameters that would be affecting in SE database.

Why Google Caffeine?

Intentions are clear that is to guide users in right direction and provide more accurate but significant results from beginning itself, Google had tried to provide real time results for users, what they are looking for and another aim is to prevent spamming sites to get index or reaching to top of their result pages. Caffeine is brought to effect, to fulfill both aims and also allows indexing new stories or blog post at much faster rate, so that users can get most of it.

Google Caffeine Working

Pervious algorithm of Google SE system has several layers in indexing system; some of websites were refreshed at much faster rate than others and main layer used to update every couple of weeks. Google used to refresh a whole index layer as well as Google bots had to analyze entire web whenever a new pages was found and then it was stored to database so that it could be searchable, hence forth of all the process SE indexing used to get slow.

But with Google Caffeine things has changed. Here what caffeine system does? It analyzes a small segment of web and updates the search engine indexing layer on a regular basis; it is a continuous process globally. Whenever spider finds a new page or updated page with fresh content, caffeine add this page to index, this make Google possible to index fresh contents at much faster rate than ever.

On Google Official Blog it is said that, “Caffeine provides 50 percent fresh results”, with caffeine search, content like news, blogs, forums will get index at faster rate and will be included in search result page earlier. Unique content is highly rated, and probability of getting indexed is higher. Social media sites play a vital role. Social sites like Facebook, twitter, Digg, Del.icio.us makes Caffeine quicker, more applicable, and spontaneous.

What change Google Caffeine brought with it?

Due to Google Caffeine, now relevant website will get more benefit. If your site consists unique quality content and use to update it frequently then surly your published content will be available on Google search result sooner.

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