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Code-to-Content Ratio: An Important Factor Ignored by Many Bloggers


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The term Code-to-Content Ratio (C2C Ratio) might be new to you, but it plays a very important role in search engine optimization, it is also known as Code-to-Text Ratio. Now days, if your website consists unique quality content then high priority is given by search engines, and can drive a good amount of traffic to your site, but it is not only content which can turn your website popularity on. Things like look and feel are also very important and many bloggers give equal weight-age to website layout, but also many of them forget about “Code-to-Content Ratio” factor, which can damage your site reputation pretty badly. Today we are going to discuss about C2C Ratio that how it affects your site and how to improve it and become more friendly to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What is Code-to-Content Ratio all about?

Let make it simple for you, Code-to-Content Ratio term is combination of two different part of website, first is CODE, which is used to develop website layout, codes and script are also used to make it attractive to users. Now we come to CONTENT, the text provided by website owner to specify about something like product, services or reviews is known as CONTENT.

‘Higher the text size on website pages, greater C2C ratio’, it is that effortless. Thou, irony is many of the website owner are completely unaware about C2C ratio. I use to face this problem with maximum of my client’s sites, which cause heavy detriment to its ranking in search engine.

Even while surfing, I use to come across many website/blogs which have a code bloat. A code bloat is nothing but intemperately usage of codes and scripts. What bother most to a website is JavaScript, CSS, Flash file and many more, this codes and script are embedded in website’s source code. Intense use of codes and script makes web pages heavier than usual. Standard web-page weight should be below than 60 to 80 Kilobyte in size, if site pages get denser than this, then search engine’s crawler can ignore the text part in your site, hence which can exacerbate the conditions for your website.

How Code-to-Content Ratio Affect your site?

Many a times I have been asked this question since maximum of the website owners are not aware about this fact. Common issues can wreck website search engine ranking in few days only, hence it should be rectify as considering urgent matter else On-page optimization techniques performed over site will be of no use.

  • Inordinate deployment of JavaScript or codes can create obstacles for search engine bots to access website without restraint, as a result it gets hard for crawler to fetch content from site or sometime also skips content area. Lower the code-to-content ratio, harder for search engine spiders to fetch text from web pages.
o   Here I am going to take a small example to explain you in depth, if your web-page tag has Ten 10s of lines of coding and after that tag commence, where your important content area exists, then for search engine it becomes more laborious to reach to content area. Major problem in such cases is caused due to search engine loading capacity, since search engine are restricted to download up to a specific size for individual page on sites, if webpage is above than that specified size then search engine will leave that page right in middle of crawling and will jump to other website without reading it completely.
o   Generally, From 0% to 12% C2C ratio is rated as Poor,
                     From 12% to 25% C2C ratio is rated as Moderate,
                    Above >25% C2C ratio is rated as Good.

  • Placing many unnecessary codes like JavaScript makes your site heavier than usual, hence more downloading time it takes, which damages your site authority in search engine. Search engine rate such site pretty low than other fast loading site, which means loss of traffic. Another disadvantage of heavier web-pages is, if your webpage takes longer to download then user interest can get finish from your site, hence bounce rate will be much higher than usual.

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