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Google Map Listing = Traffic and Sales!


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Google Maps

Now days, map search is important feature that one should use to promote their business locally. One of the best ways to do so is listing your business to Google Maps powered by Google, Google is a leading Search engine in world of internet, and this is the reason why I feel it is much more important to embed business in Google Maps than ever. Other than this, Google use to constantly update its search engine algorithm so that it can provide relevant results to its user and few months back, Google had embed Google maps in SERP (search engine result page). So listing your business (no matter big or small) isn’t a bad idea….!
Dig in Google Maps?

First you have to claim and verify your listing, process is easy and simple and can be completed within few minutes, just be sure that information you provide about your location is correct. Use your Google account to login (yes! You need a Gmail ID) now enter to the Local business Center page. Once you are in, and then chose your listing. Try to get a catchy and short description which actually represent your services or product to your targeting audience, be specific about your location and feed accurate data such as, where your company is situated, any landmark near your company. Jot down each and every detail about company like what are your business hours or visiting hours, in what category you fall, there are maximum of five categories you can use so better get it right. One of the most important point is, is to get valid from local online directories about your business information.
More of the above, Google Maps listing is available for free as well as for paid services.

Let Your Customers in Your Business:

Can Google Maps generate traffic for my site?

Yes, of-course, I can’t see why not. Google lately have made some important changes in their board search terms, now if person search may have local intent then Google search engine will show Google Map listing your business at the middle of the page. It works like this, search engine target the IP address of searcher, to serve up local results with maps.

It comes under Local Search Optimization and you can obtain desired result through this process.

Hence, Google Maps promote our business locally as well as nation-wide. Conclusion of the story is Google Map listing = Traffic and Sales, so happy listing, guys….

Please, let us know what you feel about Google Maps, share your suggestions and queries.

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