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Mobile Web Version Site: 1.7 Billion Mobile Internet users ready to Explore



In an forecast, it is been predicted that there will be more than 1.7 billion mobile internet users by 2013 compare to 577 million users in 2008 all over the world. Hence it is very important to view the big pictures of tomorrow.

Out of 1.7 billion users probability of getting some of them to your site is very high, but if your site in not properly optimized according to mobile modern web browser, then it can hugely impact your blog traffic. If you want to cut this loss then you need to work hard of some aspects of your website such as design and content. Today, here we are going to discuss some important facts, that what points to be remembered when you are targeting mobile internet users,

1.      Navigation:
It is necessary to create smart site navigation rather than attractive, since easy and user friendly navigation makes your site easily accessible to your users without inching and making a painful experience to your site visitor. Therefore, always remember that make a site mobile friendly rather than attractive.

2.      Design:
With mobile web version site, rules changes. It is lot more easygoing in normal web version of your site rather than dealing with mobile version. One needs to keep certain points in mind when you are designing a mobile version site.
For an example text used in your site, whitespaces between paragraphs and words should be implemented correctly, so that while reading user don’t get graveled with graphics and text. If there is uneasiness, then users won’t come back for long time, hence readership of site decreases. Try to use mobile plug-ins to make things easier.

3.      Loading Speed:
Loading speed is an important factor for a mobile web version site; there are many reasons which can affect your site loading speed.

  •  Avoid Flash or JavaScript: Try to avoid flash or javascript within website, reason behind it is simple, many handsets are not able to run such files and other than this it can hurt your loading speed badly.
  • Images: Lots of images also makes site slower than expected and it is obvious since images are much heavier in size than text. It is also observed by many webmasters that, if an article consist oodles of images or picture in article then it receives less traffic.
  • Content: Text on web pages not matter if it is on web version or in normal version site is always important; it is a way to attract reader’s attention. But while working on mobile web version, you need to be more cautionary because users you are targeting here don’t have 18 inch screen, what you are dealing with is a much more smaller screen. Hence, remembering that you need to construct your content accordingly. For an example, write a appealing title for your article so than users get attracted towards it and assume they are going to enjoy the text instead of just reading it.

4.      Mobile Plug-ins:
You can use mobile plug-ins to make things smoother, there are some good plug-ins which provide you excellent results in no matter of time. You can give a try to them.

These are the some of the few important points while designing a mobile web version sites, there is much more than this to explore, we will try to cover-up more on this but for now this is it.  We will appreciate if you can share your experience and tips to make site even more mobile friendly site….

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