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Hunting for Traffic, Try Image Search Optimization


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During Optimizing a website maximum of website owner and webmasters only focus on textual part of webpage’s and desert images section, which have potential of getting high SERP in image search result.

Image Search Optimization can help you to divert relevant organic traffic to your site and can get convert into sales, depending upon your product/services. It is one of the curial part since major search engines are providing image search utility, which is been widely used this days. It really doesn’t matter if your site isn’t a product selling or service providing website, if you are in hunt of more organic traffic then you must try Image Search Optimization.

What is Image Search Utility?

Image search utility helps searcher to find out images by keywords. Right now, Image search is not that widely known but popularity of it is increasing day by day and a significant portion of traffic of search engine is driven by image search. Google itself is working on their image search area and coming up with new ideas. After studies it is said that, Image Search is considered as second most valuable source of traffic through search engine, hence ignoring this fact is not a good idea for your revenue.

How to perform Image Search Optimization?

Here we are going to discuss about Image optimization and how to enhance your website’s images visibility and how to match its relevancy with content. There are some important points to remember while image optimization:

  • Try to use your targeting keywords in images and folder names. Use your researched keywords with naming your file; don’t expect to get index with names like 12345.jpeg, since search engine will not recognize what is your image all about. Another important point while naming images with your targeting keywords is, never use underscore with key-phrases (example: football_player), separate it with hyphen (example: football-player), it make more sense
  •  Always add ALT tag in images, it is one of the most important aspects of image optimization. It is an HTML code in image with description about the image. See that in caption area you embed proper description in your image not randomly picked-up keywords, which can lead to keyword stuffing.
  • Placement and image size also matter a lot. If image file size is too large then it can affect website ranking badly since your website’s bandwidth will increase dramatically and it will take more downloading time than other competitors sites, for an example if300 dpi image size is used which is quite heavier for website and increase its bandwidth, therefore it should be reduce from 300 dpi to 72 dpi. By doing this you can make your site images load quicker and provide your user a better and quicker experience.

Image optimization provides you to promote yourself in a new way. Try it, and see the difference.

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