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What is and How to use Social Media Marketing?


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Today having a website for business is not all! You need visitors and those too unique visitors. As a result, we use several tools and techniques to drive traffic to website and in this whole process SMO technique comes in light. Social Media optimization, well known as SMO, is courses of action were company’s profile remains active on social media with an absorbed view to attract unique visitors to website. In simple words, a way of internet marketing were we use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and other hundreds of them. Use of SMO is not only to bring traffic to your site, with the help of this technique you can directly interact with you audience. Here we are going to study all characteristic behavior of SMO technique.

SMO is categories in two parts:
1.Social Media Feature – It consist of RSS feeds, sharing buttons, PR and social news. Here one can also interact through images and videos. Now a day’s videos are emerging as a best way for marketing products and services, sites like YouTube can be used as major resource to get traffic.

2.Promotional activates – Here content plays an important role and used to attract visitors, it includes blogging, commenting on forums and blogs, being active and posting updates on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can turn around things. These are some most reliable ways to get tons of unique visitors to your blog or website.

Social Media Optimization is gaining popularity day by day, since cost-free and till data one of the best ways to get maximum exposure for your business products and services to hundreds and thousands of people. One of the major advantage of SMO is you can built relationship between you and people, which is indirectly propositional to higher conversion rates and more over your business can be promoted without any boundaries.

Now it comes how to use SMO for your business?

There are several social networking sites where you can create your own business page and can start building professional networks. We will tell you how to use major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook –
Facebook is one of the major and leading sites and can be used for internet marketing to promote your business. Here are some of the basic marketing methods used in Facebook;

•Get a username and create a business page, let people know what is your business is all about. Post your updates and activities on regular basics, this can drive traffic to you’re website.
•Groups are an important part, create one and make it informative to users, it will help your business to get maximum exposure.
•In Facebook there are several applications which can be used for promoting website, use them and try to get most out of it.

Twitter –
Micro-blogging is trend this days and it is good to have a twitter ID. Some tips how to use it;

•Personal branding, try to get in touch with others and build a relationship with them.
•Use viral marketing, in other words “word of mouth” technique through tweets about you product and services.
•Live feeding, whenever events are conducted provide live coverage relate to your business.

There are many other sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, and YouTube and on and on. Hence, Social Media Optimization absolute and ideal way through which one can promote its business website/blog.

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