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Increase Website Traffic: Keyword Optimization


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on-page SEO
If you are performing search engine optimization for your site, then first step is to pick out right keywords or key-phrases for every single page of your website. Calibrate your final keywords according to your website content and niche, which can boost up your search engine traffic and help to get better position in search engine listing. Keyword analysis and keyword research are part of on-page optimization.

Search Engine’s like Google, Yahoo, Bing, they all emphasize on keywords, since when search engine users enter his query they are in form of either keywords or key-phrases, for example: “baseball” is a keyword and “football match tonight” is a key-phrases. Whenever such task is preformed over search engines, they start to fetch all data from their database to provide relevant search result. Thou, keyword optimization isn’t one time process, you need to explore and amplify your database of keywords continuously for your website.

Points to remember while keyword optimization:

 Title Tag: It is most important part of your website, since first thing SE’s crawler observes your title, so make your title according to your niche.

 Description & Keywords Tags:
-->In description tag, you need to describe about your site within 155 words (according to Google guideline), use your targeting keywords in tag.
-->In keywords tag, here jot down all your finalized keywords (both keywords and key-phrases), and try to optimize maximum of them; it can increase the probability of getting in top ten search results. Conduct some R & D before finalizing keywords, check what competition you are getting for certain keywords, try to choose those how have less competition but high searches, this will increase your chances of getting high search engine page rank.

 Content: It is a crucial part of any website; if you want to get rank well in search engines then you must use targeted keywords in your content. Content should be of 250 – 300 words(depends of the website scenario)  less than this is not sufficient, make sure content is unique and some other key points also to be remembered while writing such as keyword density, keyword stuffing and keyword popularity, and with these factors you have to come up with a proper content for your website.

 Image Optimization: If your site consists any sort of pictures then use image alt attribute for targeting keywords.

 Hyper-linking: Integrate your top keywords to website inbound links and navigation links, it is important since it puts a lot of value to your side, on which search engine rank you for your targeting keyword.

 URL: Try to include keyword into your website URL.

Benefits of Keyword Optimization:

Recently in a survey, has been observed that keyword optimization is “one of the hardest tasks in search engine optimization”, hence most of the website owner don’t spend much time, which is completely humorously sarcastic since it is considered as most important part in SEO for on-page as well as off-page technique. If you will not pay attention while choosing proper keywords then how customer will come to know about your site, which means no traffic and zero conversion rate.

Here are some of few benefits of keyword optimization:

• Proper promoting can drive quality and unique traffic to your website, let user to access your site for their queries and increase your popularity.

• Just by integrating optimized keyword into your website content, can open the highway of traffic to your site.
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