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Follow 5 Easy On Page SEO Steps and Get a Better Website


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On Page SEO
Recently I went in SEO Meetup in Bhopal; hot topic was of course Google Penguin. Latest updation in Google’s search algorithm, motive behind it is to fight spammy sites and prevent them to get listed in SERP. As well as, many were also concerned about Google Panda because the website they were working on were either de-indexed or been pushed further back in search result ranking. Though, on other hand many where willing to know how not to get affected by this updates. We tried to answer as many questions as we could handle at that point of time but few of them were unanswered too. So I decided to come up with a post which would cover the entire topic in a summarized form.

So, the ultimate question is “how to remain intact from all this changes?” Then there are few guidelines you need to follow so that your site can remain intact from search engine algorithmic update, you need to go through the below check-list;   

-          Site Navigation:

o   Let talk about site navigation first, undoubtedly site navigation is very important part and essential factor for any niche based site. Since it defines the nature of site and also helps to categories website in a broad manner. It is important to design it clean and hazel-free, if not then it can directly impact sites credibility. While designing a site navigation one need to keep few things very clear in mind, all important pages which you are willing to index or the information you are willing to get index within search engine are needed to be linked properly in site navigation. Also don’t forget to mention your targeting keywords in site navigation. Don’t use any such codes or look up for any code bloats which can hamper your website navigation, try not to use Flash or Java elements.

-          Trust Pages:

o   Now this might be new to some people but trust pages is a factor you definitely need to consider. Trust pages means the page which contain vital information about website as well as about you and your business, trust pages includes page like “about us”, “privacy policy”, “disclaimer page” and “contact us” page. It helps to increase your website’s credibility as well as the chances of Google considering you as a spammer get minimus.

-          Clean and Professional Layout:

o   Layout is considered as a foundation for any website and if your foundation is weak or not enough trust-able then surely you can get de-indexed or can observe a significant fall in SERP for your targeting keyword. If you already got a fine layout which actually solve the purpose then reevaluate the source code, make sure that nothing is blocking search engine bots from accessing your site completely. Other than this, loading speed can also affects site performance. Thou, there is no such limit that what should be your site’s page size, but try to keep it as low as possible. Use compressed components, don’t include flash or JavaScript. 
o   Remove code bloat within html codes, I agree that it can be a nightmare to rectify such issues for any developer, but it is needed to be done. Test you website as per W3C guidelines. See if you are getting any error or warning messages. If yes, then give yourself a favor and get rid of it as soon as possible.
o   Remove unwanted or excessive banners or ads, excessive banner ads can directly affect website’s credibility. Also don’t use pop-up ads in website nor doorway pages, such ads also increase loading speed drastically.
New algorithms have some very strict guidelines and if you want to stay in search results then you need to follow those rules.
o   Try using WordPress themes and don’t go for any free and tempting themes available in market. Problem with these free themes is that, that they cannot be trusted. In case your budgets is low or you are forced to use such themes, then do check if there are any hidden codes which are actually running on your website and sharing sites information, thing is Google bots are smarter this days and if bots find any such codes within your website then in no time your website will be in sandbox or even de-indexed.

-          Watch your website’s out-going links:

o   If you website is connected or your website consist an out-bound link to a spammy website or less authentic websites then new algorithmic changes will consider the situation as violations of rules and results are same as above, so deal with it. Always remember to check the site’s authority to which you are linking your website. I recommend you to use software like Xenu; it will help you to know your link structure and will locate any broken links which requires your immediate attention.

-          Make your site sticky:

o   Now this is a trick part, content is king…! And yes, I do agree with that, but placement of your content is also a crucial factor. One need to understand that content is the only way to engage with your audience, you are bound to provide quality in respect to your audience, if your website’s content is not engaging enough there they are high chances that your site’s SERP is going to drop in future. By quality what I mean is, information that you are providing to your audience should be unique (no copy-paste) and of course it should be fresh and attractive enough. Try to encourage your visitors to engage with your content section, it is important in search engine prospect.
o   Now as we talk about content, then content can be in various form, either it can be in text form or it can be in multimedia form (such as images, podcast, video). Although information in text form is highly recommended by webmaster around the world, but content in form of images, videos, podcast and infographic also helps to decrease bounce rate of website. If website’s bounce rate increases more than 40% percent then it is time to take some serious per-cautions, since high bounce rate can push website SERP from top ten ranking.

To make site engaging one can use social media. There are several other advantage of social media optimization out of which engagement is one of them. If you website is getting attention in social networking site or in web 2.0 property sites then Google certainly give high priority to such sites. Search engine algorithms give high priority to social media signal these days, hence try to intertwine SEO process with SMO.

Here is another great video on On-Page Optimization by Rand Fishkin:

5 Easy Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaign


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Email Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing is considered as one of the most efficacious tactic to reach your targeting audience or buyers. No matter what’s your product or service is all about, email marketing can be a right promoting strategy for your business, although remember that you need to be very careful while deploying email marketing campaigning and it is considered as one of the most difficult technique for promotion. It is direct marketing type, where you can convert a possible buyer or just end in a spam or trash box. Hence, before getting started go through few listed points which can possible help you to tackle upcoming huddles.

  • Select wisely: It is important to have a prominent email marketing services provider at your side, such add-on certainly helps you to achieve your targeting goals throughout campaigning. What if 1000 mails are send and out of that only 400 mails reach to you audience and rest ends at spam box, such deliverability will surely hurt your return on investment (ROI). Make assure that productivity and prompt solutions are delivered by the provider, just a little research and you will be all fine.

  • Stick to A Theme: If visitors have subscribed you, they have done it for a reason. Let’s say, if you are running photography campaigning then stick to that niche and don’t experiment by jumping to other niches. Be consistent and focused, all your messages should be or could be, only about photography and photography only. In case, if you are planning to sell products around your niche then connect them with photography, don’t get to far while wandering, use your expertise and knowledge about product so that you can connect it with your niche. No one likes irrelevant messages filling there inbox of which they have no interest in, they will simple stop paying attention to your emails. So, research your niche and implement it with proper strategy.

  • Make it look Handsome: Yes, everyone knows that, good things can easily catch the much required attention. Design your subject line very carefully. An attractive line helps you to win half of your battle. Never over-do-it, like putting an all character in CAPITAL letters, it really looks unprofessional… at least it does to me. Try to make it short and simple, since it is easy to understand your message as well as helps them to remember for longer period of time.

  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe Option: If you are allowing subscription, then also allow un-subscription option. Yes, it is important. No one on earth likes immurement. Let them know they are free to make decision whenever they need to. Don’t just keep sending unsolicited mails in inbox of a person how even did not subscribed you, they will just consider you as a “spammer”. If ISP got report against you, then you might be get blacklisted and the whole project will be jeopardies, in this case, your users will never receive your mail if they are associated with ISP. Hence, to avoid such circumstances you need to give freedom to your subscribers that whether they want to continue with your services or not. Rules are simple, you need to provide a un-subscribe link, maintain good quality so that they remain as your subscriber and never over do anything.

That’s it you are done with the basis. In case, you have query then feel free to ask.

Need Traffic? Follow 5 Rules and Score Top SERP


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Okay, I guess you are done with your first post and it is live on blog, but after a day or two a question might arise in your mind that “where’s my traffic?!” To be very straight it is not that simple, and, neither that hard. It’s like a jigsaw game; you need to arrange each and every cube in right order. Certainly it takes time and effort to solve jigsaw puzzle so as to build your own readership or to get regular traffic to your blog/website.

So, now I believe you got the point, but now what!? Therefore, from here on we will discuss few but very crucial points which can make or break a good potential blog/website.

1.       Update your blog: It’s not like you need to update your blog on daily basis. Just try to post fresh content on regular basis, let’s say 2 times a week. It is very important that you stick to a time-table, maintain a personal calendar and do follow it, anyhow! Do so, for few months or in some cases in few weeks and people will surely notice you, so as search engine. In case, you run out of ideas, follow few blogs or just ask your friends and follower that what they would like to read. Such steps will surely help you to maintain or increase a readership for your blog.
Remember to post unique content to your blog, such content hold lot of importance. Unique content doesn’t mean that you cannot write in a niche or about a topic that your fellow bloggers has already written about. Just write it in your own words, built a writing style of your own, and be a bit different from others.

2.       Quality rather than Quantity: It is a mantra for successes. It doesn’t require any rocket science knowledge to understand that good content often get more traffic. There is no sense if your posts are not engaging enough, so write well… as simple as that. Take your time to develop an interesting post, proof read it once for any spelling mistakes or grammatical error. Don’t make it look “big boring paragraph”, no one read such things, break it into points and remember to highlight key points.

3.       Subscribe by Email: It an excellent feature, allowing readers to subscribe you updates can generate substantial amount of traffic to your site. Though, many bloggers believe that it is a lost art but if you hit the right note… then who knows it can be one of the most valuable asset for you? So go and get one NOW!

4.       Really Simple Syndication, it’s called as RSS: RSS is nothing but a link with your post title and post summaries, though you can customize it as per your requirement. Most important are links, links that are pointing back at your website and I believe we all love links, isn’t it!? Simple yet effective. It gives you the power to spread your words all over the interest. Distribute your feeds in RSS directories at all level and let the magic begin! Sooner or later, traffic will drive to you.

5.       Go Social and Engage, engage and engage: Update your status, tweet about it, digg it, introduce your blog to social networking sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can drive traffic that you have never imaged of. Though, only thing between you and traffic is TIME, yes it takes somewhat time to build an image in-front of your followers and friends. Be fairly active on such sites; share informative material to your followings. Increase your amplification and true reach, that’s how you get attention in social media, for a bit it seems somewhat hard to do so, which it is! But after some consistent stroke hitting it will become a piece of cake.

Follow this step and surely you will hit the target. Also, don’t forget to optimize your blog, conduct some SEO activities and build a better looking blog/website for search engine crawler. For now that’s it from my side, will come some more facts about promotion in upcoming post. Till then have a good time out there….
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