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Link Wheel: One-Way Link with Traffic


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Not many of us are familiar of link wheel..! So here we are going to discuss about Link Wheel technique. When we talk about Page Rank in SEO then, link wheel is another useful technique to pull off site ranking, beside link-exchange and many other techniques. Link wheel becomes even more important because back-links got from techniques comes through authentic sites, hence more links pointing back to your website the higher the probability of receiving good PageRank.

Link Wheel: All WEB 2.0 sites are inter-connected
In link wheel techniques you need to build a few new blogs or pages or groups using WEB 2.0 (social networking sites and free blog hosting sites) such as Blogger, Hub-pages, Facebook, Twitter and so on… with the help of all this sites you need to create a link with short description which is point back to your website. On other hand, while you using free blog hosting sites, you can create a new post within blog and attach a link with proper keywords (as in anchor text) which is point back to your main website. The more you do this, higher the number of backlinks for your main website. You can post this newly made blogs on social networking sites also; hence you will not get only backlinks get backlinks for them but traffic too. Link Wheel is kind of chain reaction where each and every element is directly or indirectly interconnected to each other.

A question might have arise ding your mind that, what’s the big difference in link wheel technique and traditional link building technique? So my answer will be, yes absolutely, there is a big difference between both techniques. Traditional link building works on barter system, i.e. give and take, if you want to link exchange with another your niche website then you have to put there link too and another thing with such techniques is it is quite a hard process as well as time consuming too! On other hand, when you use link wheel technique just you need to do is create some new blogs, post some articles and create backlinks within post with anchor text. And you will have one way backlinks for your main websites. You can also you social networking websites for this process, whenever you create a new post in your main website, you can post its page link.

Is link wheel effective? Yes, of-course it is effective, since backlinks are on WEB 2.0, weightage give because of such sites are much more than traditional link-exchange. WEB 2.0 sites are much established that any other sites with strong platform, and it is not only about backlinks, traffic gain through such sites also counts, where as in traditional link exchange one can get merely some hits and that to rarely. On other hand, when search engine bots encounter with such backlinks they rate your website pretty high. Just remember one thing, create only pages on which your main website niche and chose your targeting keywords when you create anchor text.

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