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Good SEO Link Structure = Good Website


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What is Link Structure?

Website Link Structure
Link Structure is nothing but a gauge to measure the affluence and authority of your website in your niche. Before showing result to searcher search engine crawler needs to find out index pages, relevance and their ranking, hence it is essential to get high PR for your landing pages by following proper link structure.

Why Link Structure is important?

If you know about SEO then you might also know about PageRank. PageRank is a method invented and used by Google to figure out influence or popularity of your website's pages and to compare with other pages in the same niche. The algorithm designed for Google PageRank system first looks at the links which are point back to your website, also known as backlinks. Then it calculates the number of backlinks, greater number of backlinks you have high the ranking achieve for website. After calculating the number of links it also analysis the website which have embedded your websites' link, it is better to have backlinks on high PageRank (PR) websites as well as try to get your niche website, Google algorithm give high priority to such backlinks.

A good link structure is very vital part for SEO, with a good link structure you can enable for bots to crawl each and every page on your website, hence every page get indexed. To index site quickly you need a good platform of link structure.

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