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XML Video Sitemap: Best Way to Optimize Video Content


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If you are a blogger, who create video on a regular basis, then I recommend you to create a XML video sitemap which can be embedded to your site/blog and help them to get indexed in Google Search Engine. Hundred thousand of videos are uploaded or embedded on internet daily and probability of gets find your video on internet are minus, here video sitemap comes insight, it will surely help you to get indexed in SE’s like Google and make them display on Google’s video and universal search results and assist to get top SEPR.

As we create a video sitemap it includes video information in a supporting format, which makes video URL include and will get indexed. You can create a separate video sitemap for your video content or you can update existing sitemap information about your video content.

How to add video information to a Sitemap?
You can chose a Sitemap based on sitemap protocol or you can just use existing mRSS feed (i.e. Media RSS feed) as a sitemap. Both are simple and easy to handle or you can chose both of them.

You sitemap should contain following minimum details about every video you uploaded or embedded on site/blog for instance:

• Title
• Description
• Playpage URL
• Thumbnail URL
• Raw video URL

These above fields are mandatory in sitemap, if any one of them is missing then Google might not pick your video content to their search results.
Once you have through with creating video sitemap, then you can place it to your hosted website or submit it to Google Webmaster Central Tool or both.

  • Why Create XML Video Sitemap?

Whenever crawler reaches to your site/blog, mostly it takes no notice of video content on your site, but with the help of XML Video Sitemap, you can ask Google to fetch video information on your site itself. Through XML Video Sitemap you can increase your site/blog traffic, pagerank and priority, which will lead you to be included not only in video search results but also in universal search on-board.

Principle engineer and head of Google’s Web Spam team, Matt Cutts says,
“If you produce videos and you haven’t done a video site map, that is something that I would definitely recommend.”

  • Limitations:

Thou, XML sitemap presently work only for Google collaborated video hosting sites such as YouTube videos but future edition may support Daily Motion, Vimeo, Flicker, Facebook and other online video hosting websites.

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