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Meta Tags - Tips and Guidelines


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Meta tags are an important part of your website, and if you are missing them then you might also missing valuable traffic too. Meta tags provide information as well as direct search engine bots, which leads to best possible search engine result; every page has its own Meta tags. Tags are not visible to visitors until they examine the source code of your web page, which is viewable by pressing Ctrl+U. Meta-tagging lies in on-page optimization technique and a important part of Search Engine Optimization.
Example of Meta tags:


Meta Tags
One have to follow exact structure as above or hours of hard work can wash out with single mistake and it will be of no use. Meta tags goes between the < HEAD > and ends before < / HEAD > tag ends of your web page code.
META tags goes between opening and closing braces of < HEAD > tags. Here we are going to discuss about TITLE tag, DESCRIPTION tag, KEYWORD tag and in last but not least ROBOTS tag.

- The TITLE Tag:
Title tag comes under Meta tags within the header of HTML/XHTML. It indicates the title of the page that will appear in browser tab, as visible in picture;

Meta Tag

Title tags are essential for search engines! In some way or other it can affect your website SEPR, since search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. use your title text as title of your page in listing. Remember one thing! Title text should not be more than 65 words (including space) for Google, thou Yahoo except 107 words (including space).

It is one of the most important tags and be careful because no mistakes are allowed here. DESCRIPTION tag is used by SE spiders and the text appears in results of a user’s search engine query.
For this blog Meta DESCRIPTION tags is such as:

< meta name="description" content="SEO is tool to create your website presence in search engine, with the help of SEO we can optimize your website Online." / >

Character limitation in Meta DESCRIPTION tag is 265 words, not more than that.

- The Meta Keyword Tag:
Now as we talk about Keyword tag then many of optimizers agrees that Meta Keyword tag is used by crawler-based search engines to index your page but many of them don’t feel alike. If you visit any of forums then you we surely find a thread where they are discussing about this stuff. I myself believe that Meta Keyword Tag are still used by search engine crawler and keyword Meta tags are separated by comma, which indicates your site theme is based on this particular topic or niche. Hence, keyword selection is important and do remember that your keyword or key phrase should not get repeat more than three times, it is standard benchmark (including word variations) more repetition can lead you site to “keyword spamming”.

Never use words, in keyword tag which are not related to your website. Try to key our most important keyword within first 100 characters.

- Robots Meta Tag:
Default value is “ALL”

If ROBOTS Tag is mentioned in a particular page then it indicates that the particular page should NOT TO BE INDEXED by search engine. Just you have to add, ROBOTS tag in between < HEAD >…..< /HEAD >.
All major search engines support ROBOTS tags, if you don’t feel like using ROBOTS tags to prevent indexing then you can use robots.txt file as well to block indexing.

If you have any query or suggestion then feel free to comment on post. 

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