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Tips to Promote New Blog


Blog is a great way to convey our thoughts, and acts as a representation for your business/product website. If you are new to world of blogging then a lot of competition is waiting for you ahead, its not me saying that stats shows hundred and thousands of blogs are been published everyday and to get ahead through this competition you need to promote you blog well. Here we are going to discuss some easy but effective ways to promote your blog.

1. Really Simple Syndication is simple and effective. It allows you to distribute contents to different location, syndication helps publisher to create and publicize content an RSS feed that embrace your unique content feed, basically it includes news headlines, blog summaries and most important to me links. RSS is considered as mainstream syndication standards, which contains all type of information. To embed RSS fields you need to login to Feedburner and set up provided script and you are on, it’s that simple.

2. Try Press Release, put forward you PR and post to online resources. Writing a press release is way to announce about your blog to world. Both free and paid services are available to submit your press release. Good thing about PR is you get solid backlinks to your new blog and main benefit of getting listed in PR sites is your link high priority and increases your popularity, help to climb up in search engine ranking and gets high SEPR.

3. Use you network, it is one of the best ways to promote your blog. Spread words to friends, colleagues and contacts in your e-mail ID about your blog. Ask them to share their thoughts about blog.

4. Blog directories are count are one of the most important factor in promoting blog, it just another way to find your blog by people on internet. Plus you get incoming links to your blog as well as traffic. Do remember one thing while submitting you blog to paid or free directories, you must select right and relevant category for your blog.

5. Go social. Yes, use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, it is an effective way to get known. It’s an image building process (thou, it can take some time), excite them about your product/services, use clever tag lines. Tweet about your product/services on Twitter; embed blog feeds to your wall using various applications available on Facebook. Doing this you can make people aware about your blog and over the above you can get some organic traffic to your blog too.

6. Optimize your blog; create proper META tags like title tag, description tag and keyword tag. It can create a huge difference. Analyze your blog, through online based website analyzer tool, helps you to uncover the hidden problems which might affecting your blog.

7. In last but not least, content. Content are one of the most important part of blog. If you are lacking of good quality contents then all above techniques are worthless to gain traffic. Hence, update your blog on an regular basis, there is no hard and fast rule to update you blog with content every day, but yes 2 or 3 times in a week can do a trick, do forget to maintain quality, post should be unique eliminate copy-paste rule. Since these days, Search Engine like Google has updated their algorithm which value fresh content much higher than anything, so make sure your blog get update regularly with quality.

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