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Twitter Introduces New Analysis Tool


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Twitter Analysis Tool

Twitter just looked at the expected product of Web Analytics, the information provided on tweets and make it easier to click on a link shortening service t.co and "Tweet Button" tool for publishers.

Twitter as Director of Business Development, April Underwood showed the product to stop Analytics TechCrunch conference, although he said that is only available in private beta now. Update: Twitter developer blog says Analytics is available to all owners of Web sites "within the next few weeks".

In conference, April Underwood added that Twitter discs 100 million clicks per day on external web sites(from Twitter to other websites). In addition, the Tweet button is already being embedded in more than three million websites all around the globe.
The statistical analysis tool will track tweets "up to a couple minutes ," Underwood added. It will not be as complete as many analysis tools available from third party suppliers. But Twitter will deploy an API to  publish clicks data for other companies to use.

Analytics product is partly a return type that Twitter bought earlier this summer, and is based on the recent deployment of t.co, which allows the detection of shared links, even after they move out of Twitter.
Such Web Analytic tool will play a very important role for small businesses as well as for large players.  
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